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1, the browser uses the suggestion
In order to get the best experience when you browse jingge.com, we recommend that you use the following browser:
- Explorer 6.x Internet
- Mozilla 1.7 or higher
- 1.x Firefox
- Netscape 7.2 or higher
Although we do not support all other browsers on the list, we will do our best to provide support.
2, in the Explorer Internet to change the size of the font
If you want to change the font size when using IE, please press the following steps.
(1) select the tool from the top of the menu"
(2) select "Internet options"
(3) select the auxiliary function"
(4) click "not to use the font size specified in the page"
(5) in the "auxiliary function" window, press "OK"
(6) in the "Internet options" window, press "OK"
(7) select the view from the top of the menu"
(8) choose the word size"